College Facilities

  • Student Counselling

    Wards may encounter personal problems for which they need help and support beyond that offered by friends or family. The College offers all students a confidential Counseling Service, staffed by professional and experienced counsellors.
    Counselling can help if wards are experiencing personal problems, whether long-standing or resulting from a temporary crisis, that affect your academic or social life.
    A class counseller is allotted for each semester along with the class teacher. The counseller monitors the attendance and marks of the students. The Parents are updated about the ward's progress and counselled. The counseller also attends to the grievances of the students.
    Counselling provides the opportunity to have your thoughts and feelings understood and accepted by someone who neither judges you nor offers instant advice, who is outside of the situation, and who is not anxious or upset by it.

  • Co-curricular

    Cultural activity is a very important and integral part of college life. Not only do they give the much needed respite that we need from our hectic curriculum but also provide an ample opportunity for interacting with students. Culturals are a great source of fun, its two to three days of sheer pleasure and excitement. Our college has its Cultural fest usually in the month of March. It basically implies inviting to participate in various events.

    The College has Indoor and Outdoor games facility, a reason for sports lovers to stay back after class hours. Our students have been regular achievers in the VTU sponsored open tournaments at the State and National levels, enabling them to participate in International Competitions.
    Proposed Indoor Stadium and multi-Gymnasium.

  • Cafetaria

    The College Canteen provides healthy and wholesome food to the students at a very affordable cost. The canteen has a varied menu that makes anybody hungry. The food prepared is hygienic and safe.

    The canteen caters to the needs of both students and the faculty alike. Innovative food items are prepared and served. Ice creams and cold drinks are also available for the children at heart. Fresh fruit juices are also prepared for the fitness lovers.

  • Hostel

    The campus has a Hostel for men, which is a home away from home for nearly 150 students hailing from different states all over the country. Adequate leisure is ensured to the hostelites by way of General Library, Entertainment Centre, Indoor and Outdoor Sports facility and even a gymnasium.

    Well furnished rooms with an accomodation choice of single, double and triple occupancy are available.

  • Transport

    The college situated 26 Kms from the city is well connected by a fleet of new buses which pick up the students from all major residential areas of the city and drop them back after the College hours. The transport facility is also available to help students participate in various academic events in the city and elsewhere. Eight buses travel around the city for students and staff.

    In addition, the BMTC, KSRTC and Private buses are available as they ply very frequently on the National Highway, with a scheduled stop in front of the college.

  • Digital Library

    A Digital Library with an excellent infrastructure has been setup at the Library in campus. It is an advanced system which gives you simple and one step access to all your electronic resources. It is a collection of texts, images, or data that has been digitized. You can browse and search all your Databases, E-Journals, E-Books & References in digital library.

    As such, digital libraries offer new levels of access to broader audiences of users and new opportunities for the library and information science field to advance both theory and practice.

    This has been a classic setup designed by college with latest Computers on Wireless LAN in accordance with IEEE Access. The D-Link make Access Points and Wireless LAN Cards have been used.

  • Wi-fi Access

    Students and faculties can now enjoy the flexibility to access web and exchange resourceful information from anywhere within the campus. To stay advanced and provide the students with the best of the latest services, the college campus has gone Wi-Fi, enabling students to access the internet through the wireless router, anytime and anywhere in the campus.
    Wi-Fi Access which is available in campus allows electronic devices such as personal computer, Smartphone and tablet can connect to a network resource such as the Internet via a wireless network access.
    Though the Wi-Fi has been enabled, there are some restricted sites and thus the facility cannot be misused, which is an advantage.
    We also have a digital library which can be best used with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. Our students can access e-journals and e-books from anywhere they wish to, which is a plus point.

  • AC Halls

    The College has an air-conditioned state-of-the-art hall which acts as a common platform for interface for students, faculty, and corporate personalities. It is in a theater-style setting with armchairs with folding tables. It has the capacity for accommodating 300 persons.

    It is well equipped with Interactive Board, LCD Projector and Wi-Fi connectivity which is suitable for international conferences, symposia, lectures, seminars, meetings and presentations. Cultural events, quizzes, fests are the regular happenings of this auditorium.

  • e-learning

    E-learning is an easy access for people with busy schedules and lean budgets. There are many different types of online education courses. They range from downloadable self-paced courses to real-time, instructor-led courses.

    Online education is transforming knowledge-delivery processes and "virtual education". E-Learning has brought about profound changes the world over in the way people learn and train, allowing them to do it anywhere, any time. Through the web a user can access content from any point, off or in campus, through a computer and connectivity. Web is being used for delivering more extensive content on a particular course.

    E-vidya comprises video streaming server with 9 TB storage, this can be accessed accross the campus network.

  • Green Campus

    The APSCE campus is sprawled over 104 acres of land in the suburbs of Bangalore. The environment is cool and calming because of the absence of pollution and noisy traffic. Solar lighting systems brighten the rooms of the entire campus and serve as the beacon to the hostellers at night time.

    Ten major blocks comprise the functional blocks of the college. One for each department and the rest are occupied by the Canteen, Administrative block and Sports complex.

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