​Alumni Meetups


Alumni meet “SANGAMA -2012” was conducted on 3rd March 2012, Saturday. It was organised to meet all the passed out students under one roof. It started by lighting the lamp by Mr Hariharan(ECE 2001) & Mrs Seemathini (ECE 2003).Prof. C P Sameerana (Head Dept. of CSE, CSE 2002), gave a brief introduction about the college to the Alumni’s and welcomed them.


This was followed by thoughts & suggestions shared by alumni’s. Mr. Santhosh Sridhar( TCE 2006), Mr. Umashankar (CSE 2005), Mr. Hariharan(ECE 2001), Mrs. Seemathini (ECE 2003), Mr. Sumanth Nadig (TCE 2005), Mr. Sandeepa C Gowda (ISE 2007), Mr. Ananth S Vasishta (ISE 2008), Mr. Nagaraj H S (ISE 2008), Ms. Sonia K S(ISE 2010), Mr. Hemanth (CSE 2009), Mr. Sharath R (CSE 2007), were among few who shared their thoughts & suggestions. They also mentioned that they cooperate & coordinate with the college for the improvement. Dr G Ravindranath, Principal listed outfields in which college is expecting cooperation from the alumni’s to the betterment of the college in his speech. Prof. B N Mithun ( Sr. Lecturer, Dept. of ISE, ISE 2006) was the anchor of the event.


ALUMNI Meet (SANGAMA)  2013 was held at our college premises on 14th December 2013 at 10:00 am. Prof. C P Sameerana (2002 passed out from CSE), HOD, Dept of CSE gave welcome speech and the brief introduction about the expectations from the alumni. Our beloved Principal Dr G Ravindranath gave the detailed report about the college for the current academic year.


Some of the alumni shared their ideas and thoughts Mr Hariharan(2001 ECE), Mr Hemanth H M(2009 CSE), Mr Chandan R(2009 ISE), Mr Ajay Kattige(2011 TCE), Ms Soumya K S(2011 ISE), Mr Tejas C S(2010 CSE).

Mr Anantha S, Trustee, APSET suggested reaching more alumni in the coming years. Prof. K P Narasimha Murthy, Chairman, GC APSCE remembered his days of organizing ALUMNI meet and suggested to conduct the event at regular intervals. Mr C Nagaraj, Joint Secretary, APSET gave the speech about the support given by the Trust in improving APSCE. Mr K Mohan Dev Alva, Vice-President, APSET gave the presidential address. Prof Chitra M (2007 ECE), Lecturer, Dept. of ECE proposed vote of thanks. Prof. Mithun B N (2006 ISE), Sr.Lecturer, Dept. of ISE was the anchor the event.