A P S Educational Trust (Registered Public Trust - 1935)
A P S College of Engineering
[ Affiliated to VTU Belagavi & Approved by AICTE New Delhi ]
Somanahalli, Kanakapura Road (NH 209), Bengaluru - 560082, Karnataka, INDIA

Information Science & Engneering

ISE Department Activities


The Department of ISE started in the year 2000 with an intake of 60 students. Affiliated to VTU, department aims at improving the quality of education by imparting more practical approach in learning with a perfect blend of managerial skills in students.

Department is continuously engaged with conducting seminars and workshops. Department has dedicated and well qualified staff with rich experience in both teaching and industry. Dedicated library facility in the department with more than 350 titles encourages many intellectual’s knowledge appetite.


The objectives of Information Science and Engineering (ISE) department typically revolve around education, research, and service. A few objectives are mentioned below:

Education and Curriculum Development & Upgrade:

To provide high-quality education to undergraduate students by maintaining a curriculum that is up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field.

Research and Innovation:

To conduct cutting-edge research in various areas of Information science and engineering and to publish research findings in reputed journals and conferences.

Faculty Development:

To attract and retain highly qualified faculty members and to support them in their interdisciplinary research endeavours and professional growth.

Industry Collaboration:

To foster partnerships with industry to provide students with real-world experiences and opportunities for internships programs.

Student Development:

To promote extracurricular activities and to provide career counselling and support services to help students succeed in their academic and professional endeavours.

Infrastructure and Facilities:

To maintain state-of-the-art laboratories by investing in the latest hardware & software resources and facilities to support teaching and research.

Continuous Improvement:

To regularly, adapt to changing technology, assess and improve the quality of education and research programs through feedback from students, alumini and industry partners.

Ethics and Responsibility:

To instill ethical principles and social responsibility in students, emphasizing the importance of responsible and ethical use of technology.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

At the end of the program an ISE graduate will be able to;

PSO 1: Demonstrate the fundamental and theoretical concepts, analyse the real-time problems and develop customized software solutions by applying the knowledge of mathematics and algorithmic techniques.

PSO 2: Think creatively, apply standard practices and strategies, technical skills in software design, development, integration of systems and management for improving the security, reliability of the infrastructure.

PSO 3: Exchange knowledge effectively, demonstrate the ability of team work, documentation skills, professional ethics, entrepreneurial skills and continuing higher education in the field of information technology.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) program specialized in Information Science and Engineering is designed to achieve the following objectives after four years of graduation. They will be able to;

PEO 1: Acquire the fundamentals of computers and apply the knowledge of Information Science & Engineering and continue to develop their technical competencies by problem solving using programming.

PEO 2: Acquire the proficiency to develop system/application software in a scalable and robust manner with various platforms, tools and frameworks to provide cost effective solutions.

PEO 3: Investigate the necessities of the software product, adapt to technological advancement, promote collaboration and interdisciplinary activities, protecting environment and developing comprehensive leadership.

PEO 4: Possess good communication skills, ability to work in teams, professional ethics, social responsibility, entrepreneurial and managerial skills achieve higher career goals and pursue higher studies.



"Mould the Young minds into responsible citizens and competent professionals as excellent technocrats with human values"


  • To impart quality education though excellent infrastructure and with the dedicated staff.
  • To motivate and inspire young minds through good Teaching-learning environment.
  • To impart Social responsibility with professional ethics into the young minds.

Teaching Faculty

Department of ISE has faculty members who have expertise in the relevant subjects as per the syllabus and norms of the University.

Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant professors are qualified according to their designated ranks and have in-depth knowledge of subjects in computer science domain. Faculty in the department undergo regular trainings and attend FDPs, Seminars and Workshops an continuously upgrade their skills required as per norms of University

Sl No Name
1 APSCE CSE Department Bangaore
Dr. D G Anand
Professor & HOD
B.E., M.Tech.,Ph.D.
Dr. Krushitha Shetty
Assoc. Professor
BE, MTech, Ph.D
Experience: 7 years
3 APSCE ISE Department Bangaore
Ms. Kavyashree B
Assistant Professor
BE (CSE), MTech (CSE)
Experience: 1+ years
4 APSCE ISE Department Bangaore
Mr. Vishwas P
Assistant Professor
BE (CSE), MTech (CSE)
Experience: Fresher
5 APSCE ISE Department Bangaore
Ms. Swetha V
Assistant Professor
BE (CSE), MTech (CSE)
Experience: 2 Years
6 APSCE ISE Department Bangaore
Mr. Puneeth R
Assistant Professor
Experience: 10 Years
7 APSCE ISE Department Bangaore
Ms. Shwetha S
Assistant Professor
B.E, M.Tech
Experience: 1 Years
8 APSCE ISE Department Bangaore
Ms. Vinaya D S
Assistant Professor
B.E, M.Tech
Experience: 3.5 Years
Mr. Gadag Sudanshu
Assistant Professor
B.E, M.Tech
Mr. Avinash H
Assistant Professor
B.E, M.Tech


Schemeof Teaching and Examinations 2021. Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).

ISE Under Graduate 1st & 2nd Semester

2022 Sheme

ISE Under Graduate 3rd to 8th Semester

2021 Sheme

2022 Sheme


The department is located in an area of 8000 sq.ft. The labs are well equipped with about 120 computer on LAN supported by licensed software as per AICTE and VTU norms. Our department provides high-speed internet service 24×7 centralized with 2 servers, comprising Lecture halls, Departmental Library, Faculty rooms, and Laboratories. The major Laboratories are:

  1. Data Structures / OOPs Lab
  2. EC & LD / Microprocessor Lab
  3. Operating Systems / Computer Networks Lab
  4. Algorithms / DBMS Lab
  5. Systems Programming / Advanced Projects Lab
  6. Internet Lab / Data Center


APSCE CSE Department Bangaore


APSCE CSE Department Bangaore


APSCE CSE Department Bangaore


APSCE CSE Department Bangaore


APSCE CSE Department Bangaore


APSCE CSE Department Bangaore



Department has a research centre under which many research scholars registered their names and pursuing their Ph.D. Department has MOU with corporate like ICT academy for research, training and for technical work shops. Technical workshops & seminars are regularly conducting in the department for both faculty and students to fulfill the requirements of the Industry. Bridge courses are conducting for our students during vacation to fill the gap between Institution and Industry with respect to high growth in technology. Department is supported by high speed Ethernet and wireless networks. All PCs are LAN connected. Department has student CSI chapter membership and encourages the students to participate in Curricular activities to excel their talent. Our students do participate in sports events conducted by V.T.U and other universities/colleges. Department has student association forum “SKILLBYTES” which provides the better platform to our students to showcase their talents both in technical and extracurricular activities. Our students are being placed in various multinational companies with good salary packages vary from 4 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs per annum.

Projects/Funds and Grants

1. Project batch guided by Prof. Pallavi H B from ISE department won Best Project Award at 45th series of KSCST funded student Projects Exhibition and Seminar held at VTU, Belagavi on 12th and 13th August 2022.

Project Title: Video to Text Summarizatin using Neural Networks.

APSCE Bangaore
APSCE Bangaore
APSCE Bangaore

2. Project batch guided by Dr. Nandeeswar S B from ISE department was selected for 46th series of KSCST funded student Projects Exhibition and Seminar for the year 2023.
Project Title: Universal Industrial LoadBoat

APSCE Bangaore



BBMP Project Survey Report 24th June 2023

Research / Publications

Research Articles & Publications

The faculty of ISE consists of researchers of high repute in the computer science domain. Most of the members of the faculty in the department hold Ph.D.’s and actively conducting research. Articles are regularly published in high-end journals.

Dr. Kumar B I D

Sl. No. Published Dated Title of the paper Conference/Journal with Location details
1 2021 Non-Contact Advance Method of COVID-19 Cases using Deep Neural Networks with X-Ray Images International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Volume 9, Issue 15, Special Issue – 2021, pp 15-23
2 December 2019 A Hybrid Transition for IPv4-IPv6 Co-existence in Small Size Organization International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT) ISSN: 2249 – 8958, Volume-9 Issue-2, December, 2019, pp 3416-3421
3 December 2019 Performance Analysis of Ad-Hoc Networks using Statistic Mechanics International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) ISSN: 2278-3075, Volume-9 Issue-2S, December 2019, pp 297-300
4 Aug 2017 Smart Billing System framework for Economic Internet Connectivity”, in Smart Technologies for Smart Nation (SmartTechCon) 2017 International Conference, Published in IEEE Explore on May 2018
5 Nov 2017 Weight based Transition Algorithm for IPv4 to IPv6 Inter Communications Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, Vol 9, Issue 14 special Edition , Nov 2017, pp 2389-2398.
6 April 2018 Performance Analysis of Intra Domain Routing Algorithms on IPv4/IPv6 Network Environment International Journal of Innovation & Advancement in Computer Science, Vol 7 Issue 4 April 2018.
7 August 2017 Performance Evaluation of HSRP based reliable Multihomed Network for two different applications International Journal of Innovation & Advancement in Computer Science, Vol 6 Issue 8
8 Nov-Dec 2016 MTM-Multihomed Transition Mechanism Feature for Small and Medium Enterprise Network CiiT International Journal of Networking and Communication Engineering, Vol 8, Issue 10, pp 92-98.
9 April 2014 Implication of IPv6 addressing on mobile  network International Journal of Ethics in Engineering & Management Education, Vol 1, Issue 4, , pp 329-322

Dr. Nandeeswar S B

Sl. No. Published Dated Title of the paper Conference/Journal with Location details
1 January 2013 “Energy adaptive greedy routing protocol for wireless senor network with RF energy transfer” International Conference on “Advanced Engineering & Technology”, Bangalore
2 May 2014 Privacy Preserving and collision resistance in a location Proof updating System International Conference on Real Time Systems, Bangalore.
3 May 2016 “Combinatorial Testing – A Practitioner’s perspective” International Conference on Innovations in Engineering & Technology (ICET 2016), IEEE, Singapore.
4 October 2020 “Comparison of Key performance metrics of ensemble learning algorithm for diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy IEEE International Conference, London, UK
5 September 2021 Early detection of diabetic retinopathy using k-means clustering algorithm and ensemble classification approach International journal of Intelligent engineering and systems, SCOPUS Indexing.
6 October 2022 Enhanced Optimization using Dynamic Weighted Cuckoo Search Algorithm with Ensemble classification for detection of Diabetic Retinopathy International Journal of Computer Science, SCOPUS
7 September 2023 Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocol and Challenging Issues and Performance Comparison Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, SCOPUS

Dr. Pallavi H B

Sl. No. Published Dated Title of the paper Conference/Journal with Location details
1 April 2014 Design of Mobile Relay in Data-Rigorous Wireless Sensor Networks IJERA Journal, Volume 4, Issue 4
2 May 2015 Usage of Mobile Relay to Enhance the lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks National Conference on Research in Science, Engineering and Management
3 May 2017 Human Age Estimation National Conference on “VLSI, Communication & Signal Processing-NCVCS- 2017
4 December 2019 Survey of Osteoporotic bone detection using texture analysis International conference  ICTCS 2019
5 June 2022 Superlative Augmented Densely Connected Convolutional Neural Network for Osteoporosis Diseases Detection International Journal of Science and Technology, ISSN: 1006-3080, June 2022 SCOPUS
6 August 2022 An Ensemble-Of-Deep Learning Model with Optimally Selected Features for Osteoporosis Detection from Bone X-Ray Images International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Systems, ISSN:2185-310X E-ISSN:2185-3118 ,August 2022 SCOPUS
7 March 2021 Weighted DenseNet-121 for Osteoporosis Disease Detection using X-ray Images International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, ISSN:  2231-5381, Mar 2021, SCOPUS