A P S Educational Trust (Registered Public Trust - 1935)
A P S College of Engineering
[ Affiliated to VTU Belagavi & Approved by AICTE New Delhi ]
Somanahalli, Kanakapura Road (NH 209), Bengaluru - 560082, Karnataka, INDIA

NSS & Youth Redcross | Redcross Website link

The National Service Scheme (NSS) and the Youth Red Cross (YRC) are two prominent organizations that play a significant role in promoting social service, community development, and humanitarian activities among young individuals.

NSS, a voluntary program, engages our college students in various community service initiatives. It aims to instila sense of civic responsibility, leadership, and social consciousness in the youth. NSS volunteers of APSCE actively participate in activities such as cleanliness drives, blood donation camps, literacy programs, and disaster relief efforts. Through these endeavours, NSS seeks to contribute to the welfare and development of society while nurturing the personal growth of its participants.

On the other hand, the Youth Red Cross is a part of the larger Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, focusing on youth engagement. It aims to promote health, well-being, and humanitarian values among young people. YRC members of APSCE are involved in organizing health camps, first aid training, blood donation campaigns, and community awareness programs. They are often at the forefront of disaster response efforts, providing essential aid and support to those in need.

Both NSS and YRC play vital roles in shaping socially responsible and empathetic citizens while actively contributing to the betterment of society.

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APSCE CSE Department Bangaore